When Time is Sublime
Ever felt that your clock froze in time? Did you ever wish that you can skip ahead (or backwards) in time? This poem shows you the nicer side of time.

What would happen if one day
The clock would hold its place
The hour hand, the minute hand
Immobile on the face?

Would this be a treasured gift
Of precious extra time?
And would this bonus take us miles
In our lifelong climb?

Oftentimes, we hope and pray
The day would never end
We'd then accomplish all we must
Conclude, fulfill, amend

Yet time is constant, and will be
As long as we exist
Ever-ticking, ever-moving
Time will just persist

Think of time another way
Our Healer, if you will
How fortunate and lucky we are
That time does not stand still

When tragedy and hardships strike
We feel sad for a while
But time moves on, we then forget
And once more we can smile

Time allows us ample time
To heal the wounds of souls
And time will never block our path
Which leads us to our goals

Appreciate the gift of time
And let the magic work
There's plenty of it to go around
(And even enough to shirk!)

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