Time Together
Very few experiences compete with the state of feeling Hashem's presence surrounding you.

I open the window
And move aside the shades
My surroundings are now blurred
My environment fades

I'm in a new world
Which is so full of light
It smothers the sadness
I felt earlier tonight

I whisper so softly
To the endless black sky
For Hashem to join me
To bring me up high

Within seconds were together
The bond is feeling tight
An awesome presence fills my heart
The stars and moon are bright

I savor every moment
As I empty out my soul
I allow his warmth and special comfort
Fill each painful hole

I speak of all the nagging doubts
Lodged inside my mind
I mention fears and other troubles
Doubts of every kind

He listens well to all I say
With sympathy and care
The outside world, the nightly forces
Also seem to hear

All at once I feel engulfed
With feelings so divine
And suddenly it's clear to see
That all will turn out fine

I bid farewell with parting words
And shift my eyes away
I know the absence won't be real
For in my heart He'll stay

I close the window
The shades I restore
I'm already waiting for the night
That we can meet once more

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