Thought Monster
I wonder which is louder: a jetplane or a thought.

Haunting and vicious
A rebellious streak
Domineering, cunning
Hits when I'm weak

Returns with a vengeance
When forced away
The monster so gruesome
Seeks me each day

Reprieves don't happen
The foothold's too strong
Knows the ins and outs
It's been here too long

Forms - it's got many
Shapes, colors, sizes
For each new occurrence
Shocking new disguises

It enters uninvited
Slyly lays the traps
Blindly I wander
My energy it saps

Lord of my mental kingdom
Oh yes, it plays to win
As it tears my nerves to shreds
I see a devil's grin

Resistance never does the trick
It's gotta do its thing
I'm meant to feel the havoc
And whatever it'll bring

They tell me that there comes a time
The beast will lose its might
It'll fizzle, fade and decompose
Disappear from sight

I pray that happens rather soon
I mean, like right away
I want my normal faculties
And sanity to stay ;)

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