The Unknown
Something we all fear - the unknown. "There is no happiness like that of resolved doubts."

As long as I remember life
I've had this crazy fear
I'm pretty sure you've got it, too
Just kind of unaware

It's often represented well:
A single question mark
It brings to mind all sorts of evil
Hidden in the dark

Simply put, and known to all
It's fear of the unknown
Mere thoughts of enigmatic secrets
Causes me to groan

I never know just what will happen
As the days go by
It bothers me relentlessly
And makes my pressure high

Will things work out to my liking?
Will my life improve?
Will all constant situations
Make a sudden move?

Peace and rest won't come with ease
Until I'm all prepared
But how can I achieve that calm
When all I am is scared?

But by living life this fretful way
I'm missing all the fun
It's like waiting for the storm clouds
And ignoring all the sun

So to overcome this dreadful fear
I've got to learn to trust
Cause whatever's meant to happen soon
Will happen, yes it must

And even if I spend my days
By worrying galore
I know that in the long run
I can never be too sure

So I'll focus on what's going on
Instead of on my fear
And then I'll see, it's true Hashem
Has put me in His care

And once my faith is back in place
My life will seem so bright
And my fear of the unknown, I hope
Will vanish out of site

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