The Mass Friends Technique
It's lots of fun to have many friends of varying types - read on to see why!

People often tell me that
My friends are way too many
"And how can you enjoy the good
And benefits of any?"

I scrunch my nose, produce a shrug
And heave a giant sigh
Cuz they will never understand
The who, the what, and why

It's true I've got a ton of friends
Way more than people should
But if they realized what I do
I think they also would

My friends all vary in their types
So no two are the same
Each is a unique component
Playing in my game

Every friend will know just when
Will be that perfect time
And when that joining does occur
I feel more than sublime

And as we start connecting strong
While bonds are forming fast
My heart will program all her traits
Before they've gone and passed

In my brain is where they're stored
Those captured observations
Filed neatly in their folders
For the right occasions

So when I'll need some sympathy
A shoulder or an ear
I'll rummage through my mental folders
Choosing friends with care

I'll pick the friend who I know for sure
Will help me back on track
The one who will restore in me
The comfort which I lack

So this is where my method helps
Of having friends galore
I'm prepared for almost anything
That life has got in store

Are you convinced enough to try
This wonderful technique?
Just make sure that your million friends
Won't drive you up the creek!

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