Neurotransmitters in the Noodle
I wrote this poem to help me remember the various neurotransmitters in our brains.

Neurotransmitters are important, you know
They carry out functions, and help us to grow
Are you aware of each assigned role?
It's cool to know which job each one does control
So here we go, with chemicals of note
Perhaps a new interest this poem will promote
Acetylcholine's mighty, it's ACh for short
It gets our legs pumping when involved in a sport
You get a "runner's high", a product of endorphins
After doing all that exercise, the good feeling begins
Later when you're tired because end of day nears
Adenosine, the "sleeping pill", in your brain appears
Drowsiness occurs, but caffeine in a cup
Will find those receptors, their space it will stuff up
Serotonin's puts you in a joyful, happy mood
Neuropeptide Y urges, "Get me yummy food!"
If you're motivated, you know this without a doubt
You're joyful with rewards because dopamine is out
Norepinephrine gives you kick to fight or flee a scene
Pulls out glucose, peps your heart, this catecholamine
The amino acid GABA keeps the nervous system chilled
Excitatory transmission becomes much less fulfilled
Melatonin operates the clocks inside our brain
The circadian rhythm it does maintain
When germs and clingy allergens try to invade
Histamines get fighter cells to form a tough brigade
Hope you enjoyed the overview of each and every substance
It's certainly amazing, no need to convince
So appreciate your insides and the chemicals that rule
And know that microscopic forms are really extra-cool!

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