My Favorites
I wrote this for a friend who is always finding the interesting sides of my personality, and points them out to me!

I own a favorite skirt
Bought from my favorite store
A pair of favorite shoes
And one sweater I adore

Purple’s my favorite color
And Awareness my best book
Roald Dahl my favorite author
And the couch my favorite nook

I can choose my favorite dessert
The most delicious supper, too
A favorite flavor ice cream
And a recipe to pursue

Art’s my favorite subject
And I love to rollerblade
Drawing my best pastime
And music when it’s played

I love a certain song
And a specific time of day
I have a favorite program
And a favorite game to play

There’s another favorite thing
Which I cannot forget
I’ll give you a clue or two
Get ready and get set

This much-adored thing
Is a person that you know
She’s sweet and fun and caring
And taught me how to grow

I know her for quite some time
And admire her to no end
In case you haven’t guessed yet
She’s you, my dear friend!

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