My Cubic Lifestyle
Sorting out a puzzling Rubix cube is just about the hardest game imaginable - and so is your life.

I turned it piece by piece
And twisted yet some more
Each time I kept thinking
"It's this way for sure!"

But try after try
Spin after spin
Just reinforced the message
That I'd never win

"It's impossible! It's too hard!"
"This totally can't be done!"
Puzzles should be thrilling
But this one was no fun

It started as a challenge
To have the colors fit
I was given a new Rubix
And a comfy place to sit

At first I was excited
To be honored with this task
Since I'm a pro at puzzles
They sure knew who to ask!

But after sitting there forever
Moving tons of little squares
I decided I would need
At least another couple years

And as I fingered the cube
Till my hands became so sore
I was struck with the notion
That it's all a metaphor

With its many twists and turns
Our lives are quite the same
And both obstacles and hardships
Are included in Life's game

Problems in various colors
Issues of every size
Confusion and doubts
At every corner will arise

And when you think you've got it solved
With the colors sorted out
You turn it on its side
And see what you've left out

Though one side looks so perfect
Every cube positioned right
New challenges are forming
Which are totally out of sight

At times you feel so helpless
"Why can't it just work?"
"Why's my life so messy?"
"I'm going plain berserk!"

There's no concrete solution
For every game you play
And no quick solution
To end Life's disarray

I gave the cube a look
And loudly screamed, "I'm through!"
I smashed it to the floor
"Enough is enough with you!"

The cubic parts all scattered
Every piece lay askew
And then I fit them right
Till the Rubix looked like new!

Sometimes all you need
Is to empty out your heart
And see the things that bother you
In disconnected parts

You then deal with each
Plus restore them to their place
Slide all the cubes back in
And pack the Rubix in its case
(And bring back the happy face!)

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