Ms. Hermit
Ms. Hermit is the story of a lonely women who turns from a bitter hermit into a happy woman after one small incident.

There once lived a woman
So lonesome was she
Completely depressed
And as sad as can be

She’d awaken each morning
In quite the same way
With a frown on her face
And an outlook so gray

Ms. Hermit got her name
By being just that
Within her four walls
Was where she sat

No one ever phoned her
No one wished her well
Ol’ Hermit got no compliments
Or pity when she fell

She spent her days waiting
For that non-existent ‘hi’
And on really bad days
Ms. Hermit would cry

Her life would have continued
In this manner – dull and bleak
And eventually the day would come
When sadness reached the peak

But one fine morning
She awoke with a start
A strange noise emitted
From the hollow of her heart

Hiccups, they’re called
She had them full force
The poor dear, she had no clue
How long they’ll run their course

Ms. Hermit sat up
She brought a mirror to her face
Behold - the frown was gone
And a smile took its place

“Someone must be talking
About little me, Ms. Hermit!”
“The hiccups I am feeling
Are clearly here to prove it!”

From that day on
Happy she became
And instead of Ms. Hermit
Ms. Joyful was her name!

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