Lightning Moments
Sometimes one is not sure he's going in the right direction, but then suddenly, like a flash of lightning, he is struck with the feeling that Hashem is very proud of what all that he's accomplishing.

I see Him
Beckoning from afar
Waving frantically, wildly
Trying to catch my eye

I see
Assure Him I'm following
Take the first step
Advance towards my goal

I stop
For I'm in total blackness
Can't see my path
Lost all sense of direction

I stumble
Fall over hidden obstacles
Flail my arms desperately
Trying to gain a foothold

I lose
Conquered by the surrounding
Fall into trapping vices
Completely powerless

I resolve
Set my boundaries
Arise from the depths
So many decisions

I resist
Battle every temptation
Make room for righteousness
Emerge purified

I stop
For now I see blinding light
Flashes of inspiration
And Him!

I see Him!
Waving once again
Face illuminated with pleasure
Proud of my success

I run
Faster and faster I dash
Faintly make out the words
"Knew you'd reach this point"

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