Innate Enemies
Not everyone feels this way. In some people, either the hard or mind is most predominant. This poem portrays both forces as being more or less equal.

Even though they lie so far
Apart from one another
There's viscious duel and constant feud
And hate toward the other

When one will seem as if it bears
The winning card in hand
Opponent deals a cunning play
And takes successful stand

These battles rage throughout the day
There's no reprieve at night
Since time began so long ago
They've always fought this fight

The strategies that each will use
Are trademarked and unique
And designated arguments
Are what each side will seek

You wonder then, what are these two
Belligerent creations
What, or who, so fiercely yearns
To sever all relations

Delve within your basic core
The culprits you will find
Look up, look down, come face to face
With Heart and with the Mind

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