Hashem is Here
No matter how deserted we can ever feel, we should bear in mind that Hashem is always close to us and ready to give us the world.

It’s a tune we sang in preschool
Or earlier, for all I know
“Hashem is here, Hashem is there”
Is the way the song does go

It’s purpose was defined
With a meaning very clear
Take care in all you do
Since Hashem is always near

Never think that you’re in charge
To do just what you please
Since our every move is noticed
By Hashem who always sees

Yet there is another lesson
Which I discovered from this song
And my life could have been richer
Had I known this all along

Yes, it’s true Hashem sees all
Like it says here in this rhyme
Yet He’s close to us, too
At the very same time

Hashem is waiting by
To hear our every plea
To listen to our cries
Or whatever it may be

He’s right there on demand
To shower us with blessings
And because Hashem’s close by
There is no need for guessing

How good it feels to know
The availability of our Father
Especially when we’re treated
Like nothing’s a bother

Hashem is our companion
And is with us at our side
And someone more devoted
You will never ever find

And now that I have left you
With a lesson oh so wise
Go out and you will see
That He's right before your eyes

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