From EST to EDT
Everyone finds it slightly difficult when we move the clock ahead in the spring and back in the fall. This poem depicts some of the challenges we face when this switching occurs.

It only took a minute
For my life to go awry
Everything went haywire
But not once did I sigh

There actually was nothing
That I could’ve done
Which would have prevented
What had already begun

It started Sunday morning
When we switched to EDT
I mean, Eastern Standard Time
Was already part of me

The kids were thrilled to bits
Because bedtime was ‘so’ late
But it drove me up the wall
When the clock ran at this rate

I ran around in circles
Changing clocks galore
The stove, the car, the microwave
And yet there still were more

The computer needed tweaking
My watch and iPod too
So did my new alarm clock
And the rest I didn’t do

All day I kept thinking
Where has the day flown?
And when the clock struck seven
The glowing sun still shone

On the bright side of things
I gained an awful lot
A full sixty minutes
Was what I graciously got

There now was loads of time
For me to go and spend
I was even able to place
The overdue call to my friend

Supper was fully cooked
Homework was completed
Errands were carried out
And the gardens got weeded

I guess I overrated
This switching of the clocks
I’d certainly grab it next time
When the opportunity knocks

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