What's up with my friends?

Today I'm 'redding zich up' (Yiddish for 'ranting', not 'suggesting myself an upward spouse') about my friends. I love you all, but sometimes you I just get aggravated by the things you do! You'd feel much better if I address you as a whole group instead of singling you out and giving you my portion. But unfortunately, since I'm telling this to you in the form of an email, you can't exactly look around the room and raise your eyebrows at each other, winking out sentences like 'Do you really do that?!' or 'She must mean you, because I don't even know what Swagbucks is!' It's just that recently I've been slightly unimpressed by some of my friends' behavior.

I'll take the most recent story for a suitable example. I sent out an email to more than 45 friends asking them for a small favor - to post a comment on my wallpaper which was featured on Flickr. I was slightly miffed to see that nobody besides one friend (thanks, MG!) followed up and did what I asked. Sure, they came with excuses and "remind-me-after-Yom-Tov"s. "Ok," I thought, "It's Erev Rosh Hashana and maybe there are actually people who don't work on Erevs." See, I was giving the benefit of doubt. But then Monday came around, everyone was at work and still no comments! I sent out a reminder, and managed to eek out about 10 comments from reluctant, hesitant friends.

Why is it that nobody knows how to return a favor? I'm not suggesting that I do lots of good for all of mankind. However, I do provide my friends with fun or beneficial stuff to entertain themselves with, like Swagbucks, surveys, Ruchiccio.com, notices of slick deals and swagcodes, etc. I mean, if I had a friend like me, I'd be ecstatic at the opportunity of doing something good for her! Why do I feel as if I'm being treated as a renewable resource, like free fortune cookies in the Chinese restaurant, or one-time-use toilet bowl seat protectors?

Or when I ask my friends to forward and spread an email for me, I get dead response. Yet, when my friends receive those nonsensical emails proclaiming "If you forward this to 10 friends, Microsoft will send you a free laptop!", my inbox is immediately flooded with gazillions of them. I'm thinking of adding a little line to all my emails, something to the effect of, "If you don't forward this to 10 friends, your life will be filled with sadness. But, if you forward this to 10+ people, goodness will come your way." I think people like acting gullible and looking dumb. Why not? One would fit right in with the rest of the world that way.

In the good old days (last year) I would send out a mass email of my Rosh Chodesh backgrounds, targeting over 45 recipients, and I would manage to get them back! My email would be passed around the cybertrails and wind up back in my very own inbox. But that's a thing of the past. Now I barely get a thank you. It's like I'm expected to be a wallpaper designer every month, free of charge.

So thanks for letting me release some of my frustration. I hope to see some shaped-up attitudes and an extra dose of gratefulness ;)

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