Fine Line
Practically every one of life's decisions includes an area where you're standing at a crossroads of fine line.

It's a very Fine Line
That divides each choice in two
There's right and wrong and in between
Whatever shall I do?

It's hazy, dark and blurry
Between every option's side
And since it's always changing
There's no one who can guide

Every time I'm forced to choose
Within this vague location
I feel discomfort, constant doubt
And lots of hesitation

Through dark and mist
I grope my way
I can't see a difference
Between night and day

I weakly plod ahead
While my mind begins debating
What are my many choices?
Confusion I'm creating

My eyes are fogged
It's hard to see
The Fine Line ahead
That's waiting for me

My heart knows the truth
She saw it all along
But my mind cannot grasp
The choice of right and wrong

I believe I know the answers
Yes, the truth I do admit
I'm in control, I sense I'm right
My shrouded world is lit

A decision I have set
After searching through my core
And when I'll meet Fine Line again
I'll find out even more.

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