A DMC stands for Deep Meaningful Conversation. I'm not sure exactly when this term was invented, but one can safely assume that a girl who was in high school between 2000-2009 knows what this means. This poem describes the benefits, characteristics and ideas for having a DMC with a friend.

It’s quite a popular verse
These three connected words
They may same strange and silly
But they sure give you rewards

It requires a level of depth
And yes, you’ll need some meaning too
A conversation with a friend
But not with more than two

DMC’s take place at night
In a dark and quiet place
A secluded path in camp
Would be perfect in this case

The time you’ll want to choose
Would be twelve o’clock midnight
Go snuggle on a couch
And be sure no one’s in sight

Now both begin revealing
Stuff never said before
It’s a provocative type of mood
Where who knows what’s in store

Thoughts just pour out fast
Uncontrolled and unprepared
Secrets, wishes, dreams and hopes
And anything titled ‘weird’

Spontaneity will enhance
A DMC to perfection
So thoughts can run so freely
Without any protection

And, DMC’s won’t stop
After sixty seconds flat
You’ll realize after hours
How long you both have sat

There are many types of feelings
That a DMC will cause
And it’s fun to see the closeness
Plus the friendship that it draws

So it’s really quite amazing
To take part in DMC’s
And once you learn the ropes
The whole thing’s just a breeze

The only means of practice
Is to start a DMC
Find a friend, sit down and talk
Let all emotions free

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