Busride Blogging

When I ride the bus home from work each day, the I-so-need-internet-on-my-phone wish hits me stronger than ever. I feel that I can fill a blog with my daily busride observations and adventures.

Take today, for example. Ordinary day, bus shows up late. I board, pay, and find a seat across the aisle from a Mexican clothed in PJ finery. Color coordination definitely didn't mean much to her. Consider her neon pink fleece pants, paired with a too-tight red t-shirt reading "PRINCESS" (of Pukedom, possibly). Near her, this Spanish-jabbering lady with two extra teeth (distant cousin to the walrus) is giggling as she retells her day's events to a tight-lipped girl. I use the term "tight-lipped" because I think her lips are glued shut. Either that, or she's embarrassed of showing her toothless/gold covered gums. I toyed with the possibilities until, finally, Glued-Mouth gives a demure laugh, and before anyone catches her in the act, seals those lips for the rest of the ride.

I steal an amused look at some other "princesses" around me. Some are chatting on their oversized hot pink cellphones (with dangling heart charms). A woman on my side is wearing no less than five pony holders to tie one wad of steel-wool pony. An older-looking fellow is shod in a pair of humongous sneakers with dollar bill designs on them (if he's so rich, why does he ride public buses?).

Talking about feet, I think mine are the only ones with the capability of reaching the floor. The other passengers' are dangling or swinging at least five inches off the ground. Amazing how those Chinese slippers stay on their feet (swollen ankles or abundance of warts?). And, why are they being worn in the dead of the winter? Imagine the icicles between the toes upon removal.

All this informative observing comes to an end when my stop approaches. I make my way up front, carefully sidestepping badly polished toenails and bulky Shop-Rite bags. I thank the driver in Englishi, descend from the bus, and immediately whip out my Purell. Who knows how many nose-picking fingers touched the bus surfaces?

Just an average ride on the bus.

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