Birthday Poem
A poem written for a very special friend's birthday.

Even though it looks as if
I'm fine without the hoopla
Believe me when I tell you,
That my life would be so blah

How can I live a single day
Without my calls and chats
And what would my feet feel like
If I wasn't wearing flats

If I leave my cell phone home
My day feels so bizarre
And when I need to get somewhere
I hate when there's no car

Imagine, please, my misery
When music can't be played
The pained expression on my face
When supper isn't made

Can i not take photos
When I'm on a nature trip
And do crackers keep their taste
Without some sort of dip

Is it termed a 'summer's day'
If slurpies weren't bought
Do I call it wintertime
If no bad colds were caught

The answer that would fit these questions
Is a clear, stark NO
These things all mean so much to me
And help me as I grow

There's one more thing, that if I'd lack
Life wouldn't be the same
In clear, stark terms, I won't expound
??? is her name!

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