Amusement Park
People can often be heard using the term "a rollercoaster of emotions". When I thought into that, I realized that most life concepts are comparable to the different attractions in an amusement park.

I gorge on cotton candy
And feast on popcorn
Because of the aroma
And Desire
Do I care about tomorrow's weight?

I'm flung through the sky
Held by flimsy bars
Butterflies inside me
And Fear
Do I need to do this alone?

I plunge to the depths
With speed of roller coasters
Then the slow climb
And Change
Do I have to fall from heights?

I peer down below
See the world from on top
The Ferris Wheel's view
And Clarity
Do I need to see everything?

I take in surroundings
Feel quite at home
For this park is my being
And Life

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