A Fly's Life

Tonight I shared the bathroom with a fly. The iridescent, bulbulous fly, the kind that buzzes the same tune the bees use. It circled my head a number of times, checked in with air control and came in for a landing on the tiled floor. Crispy thud. It looked kind of lonely, mostly bored and itching for something to do. And then it found my pair of haphazardly dumped crocs. I can just see the thoughts flowing through its louse-sized brain, "Hey, let's play Cross the Croc!" The fly attempted to dart into the circular holes of my crocs, but obviously the body size was an issue here. Dejected, it circled the croc vicinity a few more times and then headed over to the light fixture. En route, my little companion bumped into the vanity mirror with a dull thwap. It's amazing how it stayed conscious throughout the whole collision and kept on doing laps in the air. Then I came to my senses. Begging forgiveness (mentally) for my unwelcoming hospitality, i slid open the bathroom door and closed the light. I opened the light to the hallway and watched the fly make a hasty getaway. Upon returning to my original position, i opened the light and slammed the door real fast. Talk about hosting. Five seconds later the fly was back. Win some, lose some. If you can't beat'em, join'em - I moved the croc one inch closer to the fly.

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