3 AM
I did this poem for the sheer thrill of writing at such a ghostly hour!

It's three AM
In the middle of the night
I'm halfway through darkness
And soon-to-come light

It's an eerie spot in time
Now that all the world's asleep
My emotions, thoughts and brain-waves
Start to run a little deep

This nighttime feeling is so real
My psyche is fully charged
Everything that passes mind
Is sharpened and enlarged

I'm motivated, driven
Feel alertness in the mind
I'm ready to explore new turf
To see what I can find

I safely say that in the past
I got to delving far
Especially on nights I've seen
The last remaining star

I can't give up this special hour
Just to get some rest
Why, that would be too dreadful
Wasting time that is the best

You also can experience
The magic of this hour
Stay up until the clock strikes three
And then you'll feel its power

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