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My collection includes over 275 limericks as of October 2011, so it would be a real challenge to list each of them here.
Instead, I invite you to read all my limericks by following this link: OEDILF limericks

Episode 1: A Fly's Life
Episode 4: Walkers of the World
Episode 7: Dieting for Dummies
Episode 10: Sefira Yuckapella
Episode 2: Busride Blogging
Episode 5: Reeky Restrooms
Episode 8: Attitude
Episode 11: On Exercise Revamping
Episode 3: 1-800-DUM-BELL
Episode 6: What's with my friends?
Episode 9: Pseudo-Vacationers

Writing For Fun
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Top 10 Ways to Eat a Rugelah
Ruchiccio's Rich

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